Sunday, July 19, 2009


Before there was a MAD comic book and before Harvey Kurtzman worked for EC Comics he freelanced. One person that kindly gave him some work was Stanely Lieber of Timely Comics. Harvey created crossword puzzles for Timely’s Crossword Puzzle magazine (which he was good at) and HEY LOOK! fillers or Timely Comics.*

Timely Comics eventually became Marvel Comics and Stanley Lieber became Stan Lee and Harvey Kurtzman created and became the editor and solo writer of EC’s MAD comic book.*

Evidently, Harvey had the copyright of his HEY LOOK! strips and carried them to EC with him, which he used as a fillers when he needed them…. which was in MAD #7, (and other times).

* THE ART OF HARVEY KURTZMAHN , p22, by Denis Kitchen & Paul Buhle

Be sure and click on the pictures to make sense of them.

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