Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hello Good Looking!

* Photo by Stacey Bode Photography.
That is what I first came to mind when I saw the above picture that was taken at my son Rocky's wedding April the 25th – just a few months ago.

I like black & white photos…. It fools the viewer by keeping my red nose a secret.

Hello Good Looking? Hmmm? I heard that expression before and I couldn’t quiet remember where… it seems there was more to it.

Hello Good Looking…. Wait! I know! The full sentence was:

“Hello Good Looking! Where have you been all my life?”

After he said that he told my neighbor Sheryl he was coming looking for her in his Cadillac and carry her away.

He told Sheryl that in about 1988 near the pharmacy department in Echards’ Drug Store on Sandy Plains Road in Marietta. Sheryl said it was Elvis Presley. She really said that and she was serious.

And to give this story an extra punch, Sheryl died about a couple of days later. Her body was found by her husband days later. Her husband was absorbed in his work at several little stores he owned and didn’t drop by his house often. Her body was well preserved, Sheryl was an inside of person who didn’t go out often and kept her air conditioner temperature down very low.

Now, a little more spice: The day of Sheryl’s funeral a long sparkling shiny Cadillac cruised our neighborhood.

Wait! There is more! Years later Sarah and Bill bought the house. Their dog was terrified at something in the house. Sheryl finally materialized in front of Bill. Bill described what she looked like and how she acted and we said, “Yep, that was Sheryl!”

Sarah and Bill asked the children of the previous owners and they said the ghost of Sheryl was no secret in their family, she was around a lot.

After a while of showing up here and there in the house Sarah said that enough was enough and called a non-Catholic priest to come and perform an Exorcism…. Or as they later called it, “A House Blessing”.

I think after that, if I remember right Sheryl made a final appearance to Bill and told him that all was ok, she forgave him… and poof!


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Blogger The Ban Phai Farang said...

So they wouldn't let you wear your cap to the wedding. Shame on them. Most cases of red nose are a condition called rosacea and the most famous sufferer was W. C. Fields (or so I have been told). And yes you have set a sticking pose in said photo.

4:55 AM  
Blogger Eddie said...


I probably could have wore my cap - but when in Rome do as...

No, a doctor told me my red nose problem is not rosacea. I don't know what it is. Used to I used to go to him about once or twice a year to have him de-vein it - it is not worth it... then I decided it was just a too costly effort for my vanity.
De-vain for vanity! Get it?

5:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is that really you, Eddie?!

I didn't notice a red nose at all, and I think you turned out to be a very handsome man!

Trust me, I'm not hitting on you, lol!

5:27 PM  
Blogger Eddie said...


OK, I felt unhit.

One of my 8th grade buddies' mother one time was telling us several of us came off to she said "handsome", another one she said "suave", one was "athletic", another one looked "sexy", and I still remember she said I looked "cuddly".

3:18 AM  

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