Wednesday, July 08, 2009

ghost TALES FROM THE CRYPT...heh heh

One time years ago I was impressed with some pictures my friend Sam took at Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta. The pictures I was impressed with were shots taken from inside crypts and mausoleums with illuminated stained glass windows the subject in each picture.

The next time I was at Oakland Cemetery I tried it. Some of the mausoleums have doors with bars. The bars allow you to look inside but do not allow you through the door. To take a picture one would have to stick their 35mm lens in between the bars, aim at the stained glass window, which would seem to glow, because of the outside light – you know how it works.

Something went wrong with my stained glass pictures. They just didn’t look as magnificent as Sam’s pictures. I think my internal light meter was having fits not knowing what it should set itself for, the stained glass or the dark walls.

I probably took about a dozen or so pictures Later, when I got them back in the form of slides I flipped through them and didn’t think they were any good, so just put them back in the box and forgot about them.

The other day, I was reexamining my slides and came across the above. It looks like a ghost to me….. the light swirl – I have seen similar light swirls in photos that people claimed "could be" ghosts.

Who knows.

Above are two non-ghosts examples of the slides I took that day…. No photography awards here folks.

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