Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ben Was on TV

An old friend, Ben Noble, was on the news the other night. He was talking about how big the coyotes are getting and how aggressive they are.

I haven’t seen him since his last year in high school, which was about 51 years ago. He is now gray headed. I would have never recognized him. I am now gray and bald, so I doubt if he would recognize me either.

He used to live with his parents and sister near the foot of Kennesaw Mountain, far removed from downtown. He used to have some mighty fine parties back then.

The last time I had contact with any of his family is when we sold his mother a schnauzer puppy about 1969 or 70…. I think it was on Christmas Eve, if I remember correctly.

And the last time I saw him was in the paper about 25 or so years ago. He and his father were concerned that an old cemetery near them was about to be demolished to make way for an office park. They took a stand, defending the dead people’s rights. I don't know who won. The developers probably won, the office park came in and I have seen no old cemetery in it.

At the last Good Old Boys’ get together I was asked why I didn’t mention Ben was on TV.

Well, here it is. Ben was on TV.

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