Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Marietta 1954 Yellow Pages - Hs to Is

The rest of the Hs and part of the Is are on these two pages. We were not a very big city back then.

About the only thing I see on here that I related to back then is the ice cream listings.

Cobb Cooperative Dairies was on Roswell Street near the corner of Barnes Street. It was a sturdy stucco looking building that had an ice cream counter and behind a viewing glass a huge vat which I suppose ice cream was churned. It looked cold in there. I remember the parking lot which was not marked off in spaces, which made it easier to show off your car if you felt the need to show off your car.

The Economy Ice Cream had two places, one on Church Street by an alley. And they had Hunts Ice Cream down on West Atlanta Street between Hill Street and Gramling Street. The one on Church Street was a downtown eatery but the one on West Atlanta Street was also a drive-in. Both places had delicious chili burgers and ice cream. The two stores was owned by the Hunt Family who had a glorious looking house on Butler Street. If it wasn’t for the railroad tracks and a couple of businesses such as a small furniture factory and a garage Mr. Hunt to could walk to work…. They were almost on direct opposite sides of the tracks from each other.

By the way, their house was used as a hospital in the Civil War and in the early 1900s Mary Phagan’s grandfather owned the house. It has burned down just a few years ago.

Based on this yellow page Cobb Cooperative Dairies and Marietta Maid was one in the same. They had the same street address and the same telephone number. I am not sure if I was aware of that back in 1954 or not.

I know it was a cool place to drive up to in the summer time when we were just getting to wheel ourselves around.

Miss Georgia Dairy Products was at 100 N. 4-Lane Hwy. That is where the Big Chicken is now. Since, the County has changed the of the 4-Lane to Cobb Parkway. So, the Big Chicken’s address is 100 N. Cobb Parkway.

Roswell Streets intersects the 4-Lane or Cobb Parkway. What goes north is the 4 Lane Hwy, N or Cobb Parkway N and what goes south was the 4-Lane S, or Cobb Pwy S. And the address numbering system starts all over again going south. That is Post Office talk.

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Blogger NellJean said...

I wonder if Ice Cream will reach the importance in the coming depression that it had back in the 50s and 60s. There was a Miss Georgia Dairy ice cream place in Lakewood Heights, near where I lived for a while in 1961.

Tiny towns had a little ice cream shops. We had one where one of Miss Irene's double scoops would have filled a quart bowl. As it was, it hung over the cone and you had to eat fast. Today's Ice Cream parlors are hardly affordable.

12:15 PM  
Blogger Eddie said...

As usual, the money mongrels made a good thing costly.

3:08 PM  

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