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1954 Marietta Yellow Pages Gs & Some Hs

click on either above page to read the small print.

The G’s. Grocery stores are what kind of businesses I remember in the G pages.

The Big Apple was a chain. The manager when I worked there was L.L. Thurmond. He love on Parkview Drive. How do I know? Because after Larry B. was fired, Larry used to ride by his house and holler, “L.L.!!!!” in the loudest blood curdling scream.

On the way home from school we stopped many times at Hicks Grocery on the corner of Atlanta Street and East Dixie Avenue. A little hyper lady named Regina and her brother Dudley ran the store. I vaguely remember Dudley driving a jeep and Regina reminded me the evil little mad scientist in CAPTAIN MARVEL. Not that Regina was evil, they just had a same look about them. I think because of Dudley’s hair he reminded me of Aunt Fritz’s boyfriend in NANCY. I think the store did a good business. It was in probably what was considered a thriving location then. They had a of candy… I was introduced to Fireballs and Jawbreakers there.

One time the bully I feared most, Vernon, pushed me over a boy on his knees and I banged my head on the sidewalk pavement, right behind Hick’s Grocery.

Kirks Market on Roswell Street was a big store, for a privately owned store. They also had a good business. When they had their store on Powder Springs Street is when I worked for them. Two brothers Andrew and Mark Kirk ran it.

Little Farm was on the 4-Lane near Clay Street. I remember a promotional campaign for some kind of milk or something the Cisco Kid was suppose to be there in person. My father carried me and a guy with a Spanish accent was handing out free samples He was no Cisco Kid.

Yancy Grocery was on the corner of Waterman Street and South Avenue. I got to know Mr. and Mrs. Yancy pretty good. They were elderly and easy going. It was on my paper route. I stopped there everyday and bought malt balls, 2 for a 1¢ until I bought too many and got sick.

There are a couple of stores I believe was in opened back in 1954 but they are not listed. One was Anna’s aunt, Lila Wright, who owned at Gulf Store at the corner of Canton Highway and Kurtz Road.

The other one was Miss Julie’s Store on Glover Street at the corner of Delk Street. Miss Julie and her elderly lady friends that hung sat around the store always seemed depressed. I don’t remember any of them smiling. We used to enjoy buying an Nea-High (?) Orange drink and put peanuts in the drink and sat on her cement front porch on a little bench and shoot at the big petroleum tank at the Texaco Wholesale Company just almost across the street.

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Blogger Deborah Wilson said...


Dickson Grocery, S. Cobb Dr., - was that in the same location as Dickson Shopping Center, at the corner of S. Cobb Dr. and Concord Rd?

Hicks Grocery - yep, I remember Hick's - Regina Hicks had some GOOD candy!

8:40 AM  
Blogger Eddie said...


I forgot about Dickson's. I remember when that just about that whole shopping center was owned by the Dickson family, except for Harrison's jewelry.
Yep, Regina knew her market.

8:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remember Jones Drugstore out on Roswell?

How about Athertons on the square where we all used to congregate after school. What's there now?

A few blocks off the square on Roswell was the Marietta Diner. My dad went there regularly for breakfast on Saturdays. Jackie Turner's mom worked there.

awww, thanks for the memories!

3:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eddie, question about one of your commenters here, Deborah Wilson ---

Is Deborah related to the Joe Mac Wilson family?

3:16 PM  
Blogger Eddie said...

Not that I know of.

4:18 PM  
Blogger Eddie said...

Marietta Pizza is there now. They serve pizza and Italian pasta types of dished. Outside down Whitlock and Powder Springs Street are outside tables. They have good salads. We always eat outside so our dog can be with us.
Yeah, I remember Jones Drug Store out on Roswell Street and also when Jones DS was by the Strand Theater. My mother-in-law used to be a clerk there, she said Dr. Jones would kill the kicken, pluck it, and boil it out in the alley for their famous chicken salad.

4:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never knew Dr. Jones. He must have been Louise Jones' father? Louise eventually owned the drugstore on Roswell. I remember Louise's daughter, Carol, who married Ben Noble.

Do you know anything about the 3Wilson boys (sons of Joe Mac)? I'm just wondering if they're all still in Marietta. They used to have a jewelry store right off the square on Church (Wilson's Jewelers).

7:49 PM  
Blogger Eddie said...


I don't know how long you have been long. One of the brothers at Wilson Brothers Jewelry, Joe Mac Wilson, was mayor of Marietta at one time.
Wilson Brothers Jewelry is still there, but not on the Square, but a few stores down Church Street.
I remember Carol Jones, and Ben Noble. Ben was on the news a few days ago. He has been spotting coyotes on his property in Kennesaw - no, he doesn't live on Old Mountain Road anymore.
Doc Jones used to have the taxi driver on the Square, I think his name was Skinny Howard, make moonshine runs for him.

7:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love to get in touch with one of Joe Mac Wilson's sons, or his daughter.

When you say one of the Wilsons was mayor, are you talking about Joe, Sr. or Joe, Jr?

And, yes, I've been gone from Marietta for a loooong time!

4:10 PM  
Blogger Eddie said...

I don't know which Joe Mac Wilson was mayor. I think he would be about 80 to 85 if he was alive.

7:02 PM  

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