Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tuesday Good Old Boys Meeting

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It is Tuesday evening before Sundown and the Good Old Boys gather to have a beer, a Monty Burger, and to discuss important issues of the past, for instance I think probably the Brown Sisters ears burned tonight – and maybe another part of their anatomy (which I heard have sizzled before)

Another interesting thing is the legendary Mark "Spider" McGee flew in from India just for this evening to share a little fellowship with us. It was interesting to hear all the things Mark said they could make with tea and spices over there. Unfortunately Mark is not any of these pictures. Each time I pulled out my camera he was either in the American Legion buying a beer or inside in the restroom.. and one time he was just hiding behind a tree looking west at the sinking sun and chanting – I hated to take a picture of Mark in a sacred moment.

Also, we as a group made an important decision this evening. And that was who will not run for the Mayor of Marietta. The tally of the voting was 18 for this certain person to run and one vote for this person not to run. The one descending vote was cast by the potential runee – so, with only a few threats from him we were persuaded to his way of thinking.

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