Friday, June 19, 2009

A Pleasant Breeze

Earlier this week Anna and I visited a person in a nursing home. The nursing home structure is almost like a fort. There are for long halls, which form a square. In the middle is a small park. You can sit outside in the little small park which gives the appearance of being about the the size of a baseball diamond.

There are a few trees, a few chairs, a couple of rocking chairs, a wooden swing, and bird feeders. And there are chirping birds. It is a nice peaceful setting.

Remember, the little park is surrounded by four wings of the nursing home. You cannot walk out of there without first going through a door back into a hall of the nursing home.

We were sitting and talking and I noticed a breeze. It was not strong enough to be a gushy wind… just a pleasant continuous breeze.

How did the breeze get there? It was surrounded by buildings. Was it traveling 30 feet above the ground and swoop down when it came to an opened area. Or was it traveling along the ground and then leaped the building and landed onto the ground of the small park and continued its journey?

The nursing home is of old people, a lot are sickly. Maybe the breeze are spirits of those who died inside the nursing home and they are just seeking human organic warmth.

Postscript: There is a nursing home in Marietta that is named Autumn Breeze. Hmmmm?

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Blogger NellJean said...

The last nursing home where I visited had the same arrangement of walls all around and the exit went back into the hall. Why? Too many of the clients at the nursing home will take any opportunity to 'go home to Monroe' if there's egress to the outside. I'll guess you had to be 'buzzed in' at the front door if there was no attendant.

The north Florida NH where we last visited had a small garden with only one or two benches, but the tropical landscape was superb with tasteful seasonal decorations and an art piece or two, even a live oak tree. The paths accomodated wheelchairs.

I hope when I'm NH bound, they let me go there. I wouldn't mind never seeing the Gulf, but I really need that garden.

5:20 AM  
Blogger kenju said...

The last one I was in was the same, Eddie; in fact, it had 2 inner courtyards and 2 "boxes" of hallways. They have to be very careful that the residents don't get out of the building and wander off.

I guess the breezes swoop down from above.

5:26 AM  
Blogger Si's blog said...

We agonized over putting my Mother in a nursing home in Roanoke but there was no alternative. One time she was stopped at the lobby with seven dollars in her pocket and she said she was going to Toledo. Do not know anyone there but she was determined to get out of there.

Where there is a breeze, there must be an avenue of escape.

8:16 AM  

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