Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Old Man Hunter

I went for my semi-annual cardiologist appointment yesterday. The doctor said everything, as far as they could tell, looks good, keep up the good work.
(translation: don’t change insurance companies).

He also said for my next appointment it will be about time for a nuclear stress treadmill test – so wear some comfortable shoes.

That reminded me of the last nuclear stress treadmill test I had about two years ago. They found a blockage in my heart. The doctor did a catherization on me to go in and look my blockage and repair if necessary, such as installing another stint or something.

He went in and discovered that my cardio system repaired itself. It made it’s own bypass. It built its own little group of veins or blood carrying tubes or membrane pipes over the blocked area. He said there was nothing for him to do but marvel at this nature wonder and withdraw the tiny little camera through by crouch. And he added, “Nice doing business with you.”

During the update he told me he credited my cardio exercises of increasing my heart-rate every day by running or biking…. Getting the blood pumping it had to find its own way to make its route.

It reminded me of the time I went to the Mississippi River Museum on Mud Island in Memphis. The museum showed many times that Old Man River rerouted itself because of a blockage. Nature is something isn't it?

Snap! Back to present. Also when he told me that I reminded myself I am not exercising like I did then. I haven’t ran in several months and haven’t rode my bike but twice this year. I still try to walk daily, but in the recent weeks I haven’t even had time to do that.

I got to make time. I have to start raising that heart rate again. Back to pounding the terrain and back on my bike. Yahoo!!

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