Monday, June 15, 2009

Back to the 1954 Marietta Yellow Pages - C

click on any page to be able to read it.

Above one company caught my eye: Southern Porcelain Company on Clay Street. By their building was a huge pile of white unpainted porcelain do-dads. Being street kids of the area, sometimes on weekends we combed through the little statuettes and sometimes find something that looked OK, maybe just a small chip or crack – we found them but really didn’t want them so we threw them back onto the pile.

My friend Gene’s mother worked there. In their house she had a nice collection of them - some of them painted.

Above is an advertisement for Nu - Way Cleaners. Nu – Way was on Page Street. I think Mr. and Mrs. Flowers ran it. I know they both worked there. I was in school with their son Jerry.

Nu-way Cleaners had keys to many houses. They made laundry pickup and deliveries. I think other cleaners did home pickup service too.

Above Russell Wash and Cleaners. Mr. Russell had several locations. I was in school with his daughters Jo and Gail. Later, Anna worked with another daughter Kim. They lived behind the Coke Company on Roswell Street.

Also above is the Elks Club, located on Waverly Way. I cannot imagine where on the little two block long street the Elks Club was.

Also, there is an advertisement for Johnny Walker, Inc. Men’s Clothing. Everybody knew the well-dressed fashion conscious young men bought their clothes at Johnny Walkers. I even shopped there too… so, they accepted the badly customers dressed too.

In the top right corner, above Hill’s Corn Meal, clipped off by my scanner was the words: CORN MEAL.

And under that is J.M. Fowler who evidently was a cotton broker. He is listed under Cotton.

And under that is J.S. Frey & Son Cotton Gin in Kennesaw. They are listed under Cotton Gin.

Without looking at the current Marietta Yellow Pages I can tell you the above three categories are not there.

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