Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Give Us Your Tired, Your Hungry, Your….

We had another Good Old Boy Home-Boy, OM meeting tonight. It is enjoyable just to sit around and shoot the breeze about people and local places we mostly know.

Somebody new to the meeting asked, “how come on Tuesday evenings”?

Somebody else said, “At our age, it means we made it to another Tuesday.”

We discussed local politics in detail. For instance we discussed why Mayor-potential "Thunder" Tumlin, has the nickname "Thunder".

We also had a detail discussion about art. You either like tattoos or you don't was our conclusion.

And the subject of Homer was brought up. And the subject was quickly changed to something else.

Chef Charles Monty Calhoun had treated us with hotdogs, buns, chili, and a special blend of baked beans with onions and peppers. Monty is constantly working to perfect his recipes. One of the key ingredients is Big Arn’s BBQ Sauce – it makes everything better.

Not only is Monty an excellent cook he gives himself a different challenge every week, like lugging in a barbecue grill... not just a Webber, but something more gadgetry... or making icecream, or pizza.

One man saw us at a distance and became curious and walked over to see what the occasion was. We didn’t know him and he didn’t know us. Everybody shook his hand and he had a hotdog with us and talked about Auburn. I think the stranger was asked to put his name in the official roll book.

I think that has happened once or twice before.

Come one, come all! Everybody is welcome!

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