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Marietta 1954 Yellow Pages - mostly Bs

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This is the 1954 Marietta Yellow Pages, the rest of the B’s.

Above in the third columns is barber shops. My uncle Herbert Hunter had his barber shop listed. There us a Caruth Barber Shop at 214 Atlanta Street. I this was the future Delk Barber Shop, who was on the first, block of Atlanta Street, just a couple doors from the Marietta Police Force. Ironically the Delk family of Delk’s Barber Shop lived on Delk Street next door to their competitor Herbert Hunter.

I noticed a couple of barber shops missing from the Yellow Pages that I think were probably in operation in 1954: Powell’s Barber Shop at the corner of Butler Street and West Dixie Avenue and the barber shop on Whitlock Avenue across from Atherton Drug Store.

In the last column of this page for batteries is Hardage Standard Service Station. I think this Hardage was the brother of the Hardage that was the manager of the Kroger’s Grocery Store across from Larry Bell Park.

And Bomber Battery was on the 4-Lane back then. Now it is on South Marietta Parkway. It is one of the oldest businesses in Marietta.

I never did business with a beauty shop so I know nothing about the genealogy of them in town – except one. Presley Beauty Salon was owned by Gaines Presley. He had a several spread out in Marietta. His son Jimmy Pat was a friend many years ago. He died several years ago. He did a lot a mean things which I throw into a blog now and then.

Townsend Lunch Room was owned at the time by Hill Townsend’s brother. Later Hill’s son owned it. I heard they had the best hotdogs in town. I think beer was their biggest seller.

Passtime Grill & Billiard Parlor was a favorite hangout after school. All my friends had their parents forged signatures on permission slips to be able to play there. A little guy named Neal Richardson owned it and ran it. His wife did what little cooking there was to be done. Howard hanging on his one crutch did the ball racking.

Later my cousin Dalton Tyson owned the Passtime.

According to this page most of the bus lines operated out the of Greyhound Station on Anderson Street. However, Marietta Coach Lines operated out of 200 Cherokee Street, which was probably where Victory Cab Company was at the time. This was many years before CCT (Cobb County Transit).

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Blogger Si's blog said...

Ed, you are astonishing, Does eating chicken fat make your memory so good?

10:33 AM  
Blogger leslie said...

Stumbled upon this blog while doing some research. Perhaps you know about the development of Gramling, West Dixie and Hedges Streets. I am assuming by the construction date of the houses they were built for workers at Bell Bomber Plant. Am I correct?

1:05 PM  
Blogger Eddie said...

I believe so.

1:33 PM  

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