Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Invisible Man Got 2 Phone Calls

Thursday or Friday last week I received a phone call from my friend J. He wanted some information he thought I might be able to furnish. It turned out that I couldn’t. While talking about other matters suddenly J said he was getting a call on the other line he had to take, he would call me right back.

I waited.

I waited some more.

The next day we had to go shopping and to the doctor. I was hesitant to go thinking J. might call while I was gone.

Wait! I will just have the calls forwarded to my cell phone, so if J calls I will get on the cell phone. No problem! It was even less of a problem because J didn’t call.

No did he call the next day or the next.

On Tuesday my friend P called. P and I talked a while and he said he was getting another call in, from M. He said he would call me right back.

Anna wanted to use the phone and I asked her to wait because P was to call me right back.

I waited and I waited.

Then I thought what if J and P call at the same time? I promised both them I would be waiting by the phone.

Maybe I better get a phone with two lines I thought.

Then, it was time to go to the Tuesday afternoon Good Old Boy Get Together.

J and P were both at the get together and they were not on the phone… but during the course of the next hour or two I think they both were on their cell phones from time to time…. maybe they didn’t see me (I’m invisible) and they both were trying to call me.

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