Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Richard "Dick" Townsend (c1940 - 2009)

I hate to be the one to deliver bad news.

Another Marietta High School student of long ago has died. Richard “Dick” Townsend died yesterday, because of cancer. Dick graduated from Marietta H.S. in 1958.

Lately there have been many deaths of people our age that we are friends with and/or went to school together back in the 50s. That is the price of living as long as we have.

At our age I think most of us will fade away as victims of cancer or heart failure. We are past the time segment of getting shot by a young jealous husband.*

Dick Townsend’s visitation and memorial service will be held tomorrow at the First Methodist Church Thursday, June 4, 2009, at 4:00pm.

*or most of us, anyway.

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