Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Good Old Girls (and boys)

This evening was our Good Old Boy meeting. But it changed. It is now a Good Old Boys and Good Old Girls Meeting.

Remember reading, when you were younger, of course, Marge’s LITTLE LULU. Little Lulu had a friend named Tubby. Tubby belonged to a neighborhood club exclusively for boys his age. On their clubhouse scrawled were the words “NO GIRLS ALLOWED”.

Well, we are not in a LITTLE LULU comicbook. And, as I was told once, “After all, we are in a new century.

We have gone coed.

Not long ago at one of our meeting two old friends met and one asked the other where he has been and he, shaking the other one’s hand, said he was in the parking lot masturbating “With this hand.” he added still shaking his friend’s hand.

Another time one, J of us told us in the group that he put his finger up to the nose of H, and he got a whiff of just how unclean J's date was and almost turned H's stomach.

Another time someone announced that a certain person there had the biggest penis of anybody there.

I doubt if the above three paragraphs would have happened at a coed meeting.

Monty and his better half Kay cooked up with the help of their pasta maker a big batch of spaghetti and a great beefy sauce with garlic bread. It was all delicious.

There was about six or seven women there. One of them, Sandy, got my plate for me. Then she did for another male. And another female was doing the same for other males. So! That is why the women were invited! To wait on us men! Suddenly it all made sense! Who said the old southern ways are dead?

No, I am just joking. I enjoyed the lady-folk there. Women are very good at keeping the conversation flowing and interesting.

Steve “Thunder” Tumlin did not show up as he led some of us to believe. Maybe he read this blog last week where I said the joke was on him, there are not that many of us who lived in the city limits… only two or three.

Well, Steve, I think I miscalculated – there are about four to six more in one family that I didn’t count… and a whole thrust of people came that haven’t came before. I don’t know where they live. A whole lot of hands to shake.

Besides that Thunder, you missed Monty’s delicious homemade spaghetti.

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