Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Retraction: or A Little Knowledge is Dangerous

I made a mistake on this blog. To many of you that is no surprise at all. But what is surprising is that I admitted it. Usually, when someone points out an error I quietly correct it and go about my business and hopes it goes unnoticed.

But this time I am taking a different stance: When you are caught you are caught.

My mistake is that in a post about Aunt Fanny's Cabin in Smyrna I said Susan Hayworth was a frequent visitor and she was married to an executive at Southwire Company in Carrollton, Georgia.

Jim sent me the following email:

Enjoyed reading your blog about Marietta and Smyrna

By the way, it was Susan Hayward, not Suzan Hayworth. Many folks confuse the last name
with RIta Hayworth.

Anyway, Susan was my godmother as I grew up in Carrollton.

She was married to Eaton Chalkley, a local businessman and cattle farmer.

She was not married to Roy RIchards, who owned Southwire.

Best to you.


*I am hesitant to use Jim's last name without his permission.

I corrected the error. Now, if you look at that post you would never know it happened, unless you read this.

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Blogger Si's blog said...

Shame, shame, shame. Does this mean we can not trust anything you post? Well, they are enjoyable whether or not they drift so I will come back anyway.

8:13 AM  

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