Monday, June 22, 2009

1954 Marietta Yellow Pages Ds

Not all the Ds are here. I put what other Ds in a previous post when I ran something on the Marietta drug stores.

Be sure to click on each page to be able to read it - if you want to.

Humpty Dumpty Nursery was on South Cobb Drive across from WFOM Radio Station. It was owned by the Atterholt family. Their son was a co-worker of mine at the Marietta Post Office.

Above Dentist Dr. Carpenter is listed. His office was above Office Sales and Service. I think he and his wife owned the building and I think she owned Office Sales and Service.

Back in the 1950s smoking was not that much of a taboo. Movie Stars smoked, newsmen smoke… smoking even hinted that you were an intellectual. I think I will always remember Dr. Carpenter bent over me working on my mouth with his teeth clinching a smoking cigar.

Under department stores are the Marietta retail fixtures on the Square at the time, Leiters Goldsteins’. Millers’, and Florence’s.

I think the boots and the Levis were in the basement. It was a very organized store, everything so orderly displayed.

Goldsteins was about the same.

I was always impressed with the pneumatic tubes that money and receipts charged around in little at Millers.

Florence’s was a women clothing store. A place I don’t remember frequenting.

Do you think you could find eggs and poultry in the Yellow Pages today? And after finding them and see where their location is drive out and buy you a couple dozen eggs? I doubt it. Back then, no problem. I remember us as a family rode the car down Atlanta Road and buying eggs at a farm with a few big chicken houses. It might have been M.N. Turner, advertised above.

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