Tuesday, June 30, 2009

1954 Marietta Yellow Pages Es

I don’t have many memories of around 1954 about electrical places. But on the first page are some electricity-related companies to stir up someone’s memories – maybe.

On the second page of the Es is McGaughey Tractor Company in Elizabeth. I remember that place. They always had some nice looking big tractors on display.

The second part of the second page flows into the Fs. I see Southern Discount Company on Roswell Street listed. Southern Discount sponsored the Little League team I was on for two years (I carefully avoided the words “played on” – I spent almost all my time on the bench drawing in the dirt with a stick).

Under Fisherman’s Supplies is Wilson Bros Jewelers. I first wondered why would a jewelry company sell fishing supplies. Reading closer I see they sold fishing lures. Now, it makes more sense. And also throw in that one of the Wilson Brothers were Joe Mac Wilson, future Marietta Mayor, who marched to his own drummer, then it didn’t have to make sense.

As you can plainly see, only two Five & Ten Cent Stores are listed. One is Irving’s 5 & 10 Cent Store on West Park Square. It seems they were always having a “Going Out of Business” sale – for years. The son, John looked something like Slugo in the cartoon strip Nancy. He went to Marietta High, a couple years ahead of me.

McClellan’s 5¢ & 10¢ on South Park Square next to the Book Store is not listed and it was the biggest. I suppose they felt their bigness was all the advertising they needed.

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