Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Old Mill in Acworth Explains Itself

Back in December 2006, I said a few things critical of the Old Mill Restaurant in Acworth, Georgia.

Apparently, someone affiliated with the restaurant felt duty-bound to explain why things were the way they were that day.

He said, “Please come back.” We have, we have eaten there at least four times since, two of them were Sunday brunches.

If you want to see what I said and his/her reply, go back in this blog's archives to December 2006.

If you are just interested in what he had to say, see below or click here.

I would just like to state that the Old Mill Restaurant actually uses a real valet service (rather than people hired by the restaurant and might or might not be insured). Also, tips are encouraged but (as the sign states) are not necessary. The reason that they have the valet service is because there is so little parking at the restaurant. They want to make sure that your car doesn't get killed on the street.

As a former food service worker, you almost automatically ask if someone had reservations. It's better to ask than not to and have someone lose a table because there is a large list of people who had reserved.

Glad that you enjoyed the food, however, and please come back!



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