Friday, February 13, 2009


And may she have many more, which I have no doubt she will.

Dora was born in Union County, Georgia, February 5, 1905 and I think on the go since. She was a high school teacher in Union County until she retired. She still attends to reunions and call her past students by name on site. Her mind is sharp and witty and by her alertness and quirks you would think she was much younger.

Truitt McConnell College in Cleveland, Georgia, now has a scholarship program in her name because of all the work she has done to get young people educated and on the right path.

Less than a year or so she started using a walker but I am not sure she has to. She probably uses it to please her doctor.

She and I are 2nd cousins, twice removed.

Here I am by her side at the last Hunter Reunion in Union County, last June. I am the handsome brute in the blue shirt.



Blogger Si's blog said...

104! Maybe it is in your genes. Or jeans. Ready to go pat 100? If my health and mind kept up, like your cousin. Know already that my retirement would not keep up.

6:44 AM  
Blogger ET said...

My closer genes - My mother and father both died at age 77... and so did a good portion of their siblings, which I think means that I have about 9.5 years of playing.

8:15 AM  
Anonymous Reuben said...

Why is the man in the white hat giving you the evil eye?

8:21 AM  
Blogger ET said...

His name is Frank. Maybe he is giving the evil eye to Dora.

Or maybe he is jealous of me.

Or probably the camera snapped just in time to see him about to burp or something.

9:06 AM  

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