Tuesday, February 17, 2009

David & Johnny

These brothers, David (left) and Johnny (right) are my first cousins. They come here often.

I remember when they were just a little younger than when they posed for the above photo they would come with their parents to our house and my father, who loved kids, would get them on his knees and tell them a long story.

I think Daddy made the stories up as he went along. Both brothers would be transfixed as Daddy took them into dark forests and out ran evil animals and witches and fell into rivers with swift currents that carried them to a surely painful ordeal.

But, they always got out away alive and well.

There was a repeating audience of between six and ten nieces and nephews that would come and allow themselves be transcended into the adventure land of his mind.

One time they were so absorbed in the story they were being told one of them, I forgot which one, suddenly hit daddy in the face and cried. I think the kid found the thickening plot for that story that day completely unacceptable.

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Anonymous Johnny said...

When things got too scary, I would be the first to jump and run because I was a fast runner. Even though David was younger and bigger than me he still could not run very fast. So when things got tough he was the one who would have to sand and fight because I was long gone. Therefore David must have been the one to have slapped Uncle Ed for making us so scarred because I was already out of there. Great picture, I estimate it was taken about 1957. Whenever we came and visited with your family and you were not around I would sneak in your room and read your comic books. You had more comic books than the local drug store.

6:22 AM  
Blogger John said...

One of my favorite pics of Dad and David!

6:26 AM  
Blogger ET said...

It is hard to recognize them without the white hair and the beards. It is my favorite picture of them together too... in fact, it is the only one I have of them together.

Well, I wasn't too far off. I gave it a c 1955.
I'm glad my comics entertained you back then... I hope they still are (on the blog).
Oh, I have been putting off telling you this, but the truth needs to come out. That was not Santa Clause that called you every year a week or so before Christmas with his hearty "Ho-Ho's). It was your uncle Ed.


6:56 AM  

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