Monday, February 23, 2009

View From almost the Top

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That is almost the top of the newly renovated Strand Theater in downtown Marietta. I took these pictures from the terrace - which could be a good place to throw water balloons from.

The strand is one of the tallest buildings in downtown Marietta – so, what can I say? I know: It is pretty looking at the scenery. .

The above picture is looking south. On the left is the Courthouse. The street coming into town from directly south is Atlanta Street. See how far you can see the pavement on Atlanta Street? About where the view of Atlanta Street peters out is where I was born, on the right side of the street out of sight. See the light pole in the foreground, almost close enough to reach out and touch? See the sharp spikes lining the top where birds can not sit on? Compassion souls aren’t we?

We went to an open house of the newly renovated Strand Theater Sunday. After digesting it all, I may have a post about it in a day or two.

This scene is a little to right of the top picture of the northeast corner of Glover Park. No leaves on the trees makes the park look very cold. The white long gazebo is where the music artists do their thing during the summer concert series.

Now, a little swivel more to the right and over the junky looking building roof tops and beyond is Kennesaw Mountain. Between the roof tops and Kennesaw Mountain is Marietta Station Walk which is alongside the railroad tracks. It was old warehouses built before the Civil War to ship cotton and crops. Now, the old bricks have been sandblasted and it is a yuppiedom of lawyers offices and other types of bean counters. I have ran and rode my bike in this area early in the morning and see the homeless up and stirring around. I think they huddle up in the corners of the complex of buildings after dark.



Blogger Si's blog said...

Great view of Marietta.

My camera done busticated itself a bit ago. Would not engorge or disgorge anything. Is the opposite of disgorge engorge? Hey, google define says it is! Need to get a new one - camera, that is - and post some pictures. You are an inspiration.

6:57 AM  
Blogger ET said...

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. I figure the camera would keep me from talking or texting so much.

8:36 AM  

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