Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Orleans Jan 1965

I'm still trying to get mileage out of the old slides I'm going through. If you think these are bad you should see the ones I'm not sharing.

See famous trumpeter Al Hirt's Club?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi: I really like your old pictures of New Orleans from 1965. I lived in New Orleans in the French Quarter in 1965. Is it possible you could post more of your pictures from Jan. 1965? Thanks.

1:38 PM  
Blogger ET said...

I am pretty sure I do. I am systematically taking each try of slides and going through them and scanning what I think is worth keeping. I think there are some more New Orleans in Jan 1965.

Also, some place on my blog are pictures of New Orleans taken about 1993. I remember my oldest son just turned 18 and we took our boys there for Spring Break. We stayed in the French Quarters at big pink building that was supposedly where LaStat in "Interview With A Vampire" roomed. So, there are probably some more of that one that will come up before I'm all through also.

Stay tune. I have about 20 or more trays to go. So far I have been through only 3.

2:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks. I did search on your blog using the words New Orleans and that brought up all your pictures using the words New Orleans including the old postcards which are terrific. Yes I saw the ones from your trip of 1993. They are good also. I think the ones from 1965 are really good. They have that look of a different time. I think I was there when the sailors from your ship and the British ship hit town.
I was also at a Mardi Gras in Feb. of 1964 when the US Navy's Lexington was in port in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. What a scene that was. Drunken sailors sleeping under every bush in Jackson Square.
Any more pictures you find of yours of New Orleans from that time in 1965 will be most appreciated. Thanks. I enjoy your weblog. Good writing also. Thanks.

5:02 PM  
Blogger ET said...

I remember a few 65 NO pictures that have not shown up yet, so they probably will as I prod on in the pile.
By the way, are you Bhob's brother?

8:04 PM  
Anonymous joebstewart said...

Yes I am Bhob's younger brother(by 3 years). I really enjoyed seeing the photo of Gypsy Lou Webb from 1965 and it got me researching her and LouJon Press. Found out there is a new book out on her and her husband and their Press: Bohemians of New orleans. And a new movie about her also. She is still alive at 93 or 94 and living in Slidell with her sister. I used to see her everyday when my wife and I lived in the French Quarter. Rachel and I have been married 44 years. We began our marriage on Ursulines St. in the Quarter in 1965. That is why that year holds much so much interest for me.
I enjoy your blog. Always interesting. I have reading your past writings and enjoy the ones about the Navy and the ones about the Post Office. It is interesting that LouJon Press published the first two books of Charles Bukowski who became a famous writer. He wrote a book called POST OFFICE. He was a wino drunk poet who worked for the Post Office in LA and wrote part time. He finally quit the post office and wrote full time and became famous. His first poems in the early 60s were published in THE OUTSIDER. I used to read it back in those early 1960 years. Now those old copies are worth money and are sought after collector items. You were smart to buy one. I like your picture of Gypsy Lous because it shows two issues hanging on the wall to her left. Next time you are in New Orleans go to FAULKNER HOUSE BOOKS. It is in Pirate's Alley behind the St. Louis Cathedral. It is located in the house William Faulkner lived in in 1925. They handle rare Southern Writers first editions. Very expensive. But you can google their website to learn more about them. Just type in FAULKNER HOUSE BOOKS. I went there in 1994. The owner Joe DeSalvo is a nice guy.
Nice meeting you(virtually that is). Joe B.

8:15 AM  

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