Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Greenwich Time in NYC

These pictures were taken almost in the mid 1960s so there is a good chance some of these places don’t look the same.

Above - The Village Voice. I used to love reading The Village Voice weekly newspaper On the cover was always a cartoon by Jules Feiffer (“Sick Sick Sick”) and a column by jazz critic Nat Hentoff. Both were good reads. I forgot if I ever dove in depths off beyond the front page or not.

This is the famous Washington Square and the Arc de Triumph which serves sort as a gate to Greenwich Village. And the big round cement thing reminded me of the common water hole all different types of creatures use to gather at.

Usually on one of the benches in the park a group was playing music and probably a very strange looking eccentric character sitting down resting.

Used to every time I heard of Washington Square I thought of O'Henry's book but now I think of Shel Silverstien's song "I Buried My giitar in Washington Squar"

The Guy Russell Men’s Clothing Shop was in LIFE magazine the week before I took this picture. The feature was about gays living in New York City and pointed out that Guy Russell’s clientele were mostly gay. I wanted to take my Navy friends Dick, Don, and Ray’s picture by an establishment that was in a national magazine, which they readily agreed – of course none of them read LIFE often but later when I pointed the picture and the article in LIFE they were not too happy. “A good laugh was had by all”.

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