Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Titanians Are Coming!!!

On this date in 1950 Senator Joe McCarthy claimed he knew for a fact that there were “communists” in the U.S. Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And later he said he knew for a fact there were communists in the State Department. He did a lot of accusing but failed to prove anyone was a communist.

He took advantage of his dragon slayer status to bring forth by subpoena a lot of people he disagreed with politically in front of the his investigating anti-communist panel and accused them of having communist ties… thus ruining their careers.

He didn’t prove any of it – just his accusation was a career-kill. Many movie directors with liberal leanings fell.

So much for everybody in American had their right to their own opinions.

There were heroes such as screenwriter Dalton Trumbo who took a stand and was blacklisted for years in the movie industry. Edward R. Murrow also took a stand and caused McCarthy to back down.

Joe McCarthy proved one thing – you can sell fear to the paranoid. They will vote for someone who said they stand up against the unknown to protect them.

And other politicians took notes and continued the work of taking a stand against the unknown.

Which reminds me – I have certain information that a fleet of spaceships from the moon Titan is going to attack us soon and wipe us out. They want our women and our food. Only I know what they are afraid of and allergic to. Vote me in charge of everything and give me plenty of money to get ready for those bastards – I’m your only hope ! They also have big sharp teeth!

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