Tuesday, February 17, 2009

HU-4 Flies Again!!

Or a helicopter in Helicopter Utility Squadron Four (HU-4) flies again. This type of helicopter was called a “horse” in our squadron. The picture was taken on board of the USS NEWPORT NEWS in late December of 1964 or January 1965.

I dusted the slides off with a lens tissue but the aging process matter still clung on.

The kneeling guy on the right just below the chopper’s door is Reuben who now lives in Thailand but is back in his home state Louisiana visiting his sons. He makes comments to this blog often. Our friendship has been lasting for over 40 years.

One time on this cruise, out in the middle of the Gulf on a dark cloudy day with the choppy waters, Reuben and I, with nothing better to do, climbed inside the horse and sat in the pilots’ seats. Because we were elevated, we could feel the ship sway and rock with the stormy waves. Back and forth… back and forth… back…and…. Urrrppppp!!!!

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