Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sunday Morning Pulpit

This past week Elwin Wilson, an ex-Klansman, apologized for stomping the shit out of John Lewis at the bus station in Rock Hill, South Carolina, in 1961. Georgian Congressman John forgave him.

Elwin went on to say that he felt bad for what he did and also he was afraid when he died he wouldn’t go to Heaven unless he asked for forgiveness.

So! Elwin believes that there is an award for apologizing and saying he is sorry. The bottom line is the ole “What’s in it for me?”

You have heard of judges dealing out as harsh of a punishment as they could legally give because the found-guilty-defendant did not show any remorse. Elwin Wilson believes the same goes with him and God.

The bottom line of Heaven and No-Hell keep a lot of us walking a straight line. So, what does that make us – if our high morals come with price tag?

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