Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shakespeare in Pieces

I recently read in an Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader book Vol 21 that Shakespeare never wrote a play that you could hold in your hand and read from beginning to end.

He wrote in fragments. He wrote on pieces of paper. He would give one actor several sheets of paper of what he was suppose to say and another actor he would give other sheets of paper with what his lines would be… each actor would not know what would come out of the other actor’s mouth – they only had to memorize their own response.

Shakespeare’s plays from beginning to end were not published until after he died.

Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader also said it is believed because of the fragment collection of his works probably about two plays are missing or undiscovered…. If they exist at all.

I wonder if when the people started collecting these dialog fragments if all parts went into the right plays?

The collectors themselves may have given life to a new play without even knowing it – and it would have been totally written by Shakespeare!

Wait! I see how a buck can be made off this! Create a game with little blocks of all the lines spoken lines in Shakespeare’s plays and the player will arrange the lines anyway they want it to create your their William Shakespeare play… how is that for adding class to board games? Sort of like Mr. Potato Head!

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