Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Old Mill in Acworth

Yesterday Anna and I celebrated our 39th anniversary. We went to eat at a new restaurant we have been reading about,The Old Mill in Acworth, Georgia, about ten or fifteen miles north of here.

The Old Mill was really an old mill. The history of the place based on their website tells of John Cowan, who left his home in Acworth, and along with two of his nephews with to the Black Hills of Montana (I thought the Black Hills area is in South Dakota) to mine for gold. They had fair luck and had a good find the Spring of 1864. Then, a few years later, came back to Georgia.

John Cowan returned to Acworth a wealthy and built the “Old Mill”, which then was a new mill. He was single.

I have seen the Old Mill for years when I went down Main street of Acworth. It is beside the railway tracks, which probably had something to do with the mill business and a mode of transportation. Up until recent it was a big hollow hull of a three storied building with a huge tall smoke stack.

The landmark of a smokestack is still there, but they closed in the brick hull and made a beautiful restaurant.

When we drove up to their parking lot their was a sign saying “Valet Parking”. It was just a small parking lot. Why would they need valet parking? To give it a flair of richness I suppose. I kept on going. I pulled into the next parking lot which was a youth organization athletic association, which was another old building by the tracks converted. It also had a sign, “No Restaurant Parking”… they were on to us.

I turned around and drove past the restaurant, crossed over the railroad tracks onto Main Street to the pubic parking. Then, we decided we were being too cheap for our anniversary… so we returned to the valet parking and went into The Old Mill Restaurant.

When we entered the hostess asked us did we have a reservation. Anna said, “No, should we have?”
She said, “No.”
Then why ask?
She took two menus and led us into a big opened room. As we walked through, we went by another room, that you could see several people inside talking and laughing. You could also here live piano music and somebody crooning, probably while playing the piano.

In the big opened room there was one other family eating. This was in the late afternoon, an odd time for people to eat…. Reservations?

The waitress was very nice and helpful.

The menu was very reasonable. We both ordered mountain trout that came with two vegetables. I ordered cheese grits that had tiny shrimp in it and mix southern vegetables, which were grilled cooked. Anna ordered green beans and I forgot what else. I think each dinner was about 15 bucks, but with drinks, appetizers, and dessert we upped the bill to $60, which still isn’t bad.

Before we left the room filled up with people. I was amused by an elderly man sitting next to us ordered coffee and asked for honey as a sweetener and mentioned that last time they went across the tracks and bought some honey. And when we got to the parking lot it was full too, the valets were having to run to the parking lot across the tracks, so everybody earned their money.

The trout and all of it was delicious. If I was a rater, I think I would give this joint 5 stars. But, remember, I would give Brandi’s World Famous Hotdogs 5 stars too (not really - maybe 4).

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Blogger Steve said...

I wouldnt want another person driving my car, but thats just me.

Cheers to yall on big 39.

11:36 AM  
Blogger ET said...

I think there was an episode on Seinfield that the Valet left a strong body odor in the car and they couldn't get rid of it.
I agree, I don't like people driving our car either, but it is not because I'm afraid of them driving it, it is because I am socially awkward when it comes to tipping when the exact amount has not been defined. A waitress or a waitree we usually go the 20% rule unless we got bad service, but how to you rate how much to tip a valet? I guess, them being polite with a big smile means everything.
But anyhow, getting back letting a stranger drive away with your car and he has the keys, out new Accord has a "valet key" - the valet key will not open the truck or glover department... which makes some people feel a little better.
Thanks for the cheers. Now, we are a day into the big 40.

11:52 AM  
Blogger Bird said...

Are you planning a big 40th bash, Ed?

2:50 PM  
Blogger ET said...

I doubt it. We don't go in much for big celebrations.... too impersona - plus, I'm shy, in my own brash way.

2:57 PM  
Blogger Suzanne said...

Mazel tov on your anniversary. And it sounds like a wonderful evening.

As an aside, I often find that hole-in-the-wall places like Brandi's deserve top ratings even more than super fancy places. Then again, I never claimed to have good taste, either.

8:09 PM  
Blogger ET said...

Thank you.
I gravitate to hole-in-the-wall places. Places like The Old Mill is engineered for enchantment and Brandi's things just happen on their own, which probably won't be enchantment, but will be interesting.

3:21 AM  
Anonymous BarryR said...

Great food, wonderfull atmosphere, excellent service. Will not be back until provisions are made so I can park my own car without walking halfway across town.

9:30 AM  
Blogger jag said...

We visited the Old Mill this weekend for our anniversary. We experienced the same things you did wondering why valet parking when there lot is half empty. Unfortunately, after waiting 5 minutes to be seated, although the restaurant was not full and noone else was waiting, we never got to eat. After we were seated, we waited 10 minutes with out one person coming to greet us or ask for our drink order. We left and will not be back. I would suggest "Chicago's" on Whitlock Avenue in marietta. They have a similar menu but all entree's include a salad and they are more reasonaly priced with excellent service and food!

8:15 PM  
Blogger ET said...

Chicago's on Whitlock Avenue is a great place to eat. We have eaten there several times, including a birthday once, and a father's day another time... the food was good and the service was attentive and prompt.

5:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would just like to state that the Old Mill Restaurant actually uses a real valet service (rather than people hired by the restaurant and might or might not be insured). Also, tips are encouraged but (as the sign states) are not necessary. The reason that they have the valet service is because there is so little parking at the restaurant. They want to make sure that your car doesn't get killed on the street.

As a former food service worker, you almost automatically ask if someone had reservations. It's better to ask than not to and have someone lose a table because there is a large list of people who had reserved.

Glad that you enjoyed the food, however, and please come back!

9:38 PM  
Blogger ET said...

Your points have been duly noted and I also shown them in a post on Feb 19, 2009, just in case someone read mine months ago, but did not go back to see your explanations.

9:39 AM  

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