Monday, December 04, 2006

Lola Gene & Bee

A few entries ago while discussing our Tour of Homes I mentioned running into a lady that said we have a common relative. She was related to Lolagene Turner Hunter, my uncle Doug Hunter’s wife, and of course, she was my aunt-in-law.

Speaking of which, the above lady on the left is Lolagene, with posing with my father’s only sister, Bee.

Once a man wrote an article about Lolagene in The Marietta Daily Journal. In his article he told of a time he was stationed at nearby Dobbins Air Force Base. He went to the a branch of the Marietta Library often. One of the librarians there was Lolagene. They got to talking and she found he was not able to go home for Christmas that year because of base duty schedules. She insisted he have Christmas with her and her family, which he did. And it became a tradition and he did so for any more years, and when he got married he and his wife would travel from out of state to have dinner with the Hunters.

Lolagene was a tall woman and so was Bee. I wonder if that had anything to do with the photographers decision as to who to pair people up to take their picture. They were both near six feet tall, and it probably would look comical if, say my mother (4’11”) was standing with them… put mama in the middle or on the side?

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