Sunday, December 31, 2006

Work Easy, Not Hard

Yesterday we spent the day taking down Christmas decorations.

I know, I know, in a previous blog I said we were not going to rush to take them down. We started taking a little of it down and one thing led to another. Now, we are finished.

We undressed four artificial trees and loaded up 15 big boxes of Santa Clauses, snow men, elves, angels, reefs, and I don’t know what all. That was about nineteen trips to the basement when you include the artificial trees. That is at least 38 trips up and down the stairs – after all, you have to go the boxes, that have our day to day household decorations and replace them or “swap-out”.

I got my exercise.

I got a work saving idea for next year. Next year, we will bring up the decorations and the trees and decorate the house as usual. But, when we are through, we won’t carry it back to the basement. We will just throw white sheets over every thing.

Instead, we will move to the basement until next Thanksgiving. Why not? Our downstairs basement is equal in square feet as our living area upstairs. The basement covers the under the whole house. We will have plenty of room. We will lives like moles in the basement among the washing machine and the dryer, tools, old stuff we can’t stand to part with, books, junk, and so on. We will only have to come up topside when we are hungry and want to go to the kitchen or need to use the bathroom. Although, I think we could carry keep a bucket near by to cut down on some of those trips as well.

When company comes to visit we will just holler out the basement door in the back part of the house and tell them to just come on in, through “this door” and they can sit on all our old stuff.

Then, Thanksgiving night, the Christmas season officially starts, so we can move back topside, remove the sheets, flip on a switch to light up all the Christmas lights and we can stay there all way until the January the 1st.

Who says life has to be hard?



Blogger kenju said...

You are so lucky to have a full basement! Houses in this area seldom have them, and I grew up living in houses with them and they are great to have! My office (the bonus room over the garage) is full of all the boxes from Christmas stuff and it will be here until we remove all the stuff and re-pack it and haul it up to the attic. I hate all the mess, but like you said - why make two trips?

5:05 AM  
Blogger ET said...

Our living level is a ranch style house with no steps, which is good and bad. Good for exercise and decor but bad for aging knees and leg muscles.
I take that back - we do have one step, from the carport into the kitchen, which Anna in about 1985 Anna tripped and fell and broke her ankle in three or four places.

6:08 AM  

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