Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Critter Watching On Christmas

Today I fed the critters. This is kind of like a pre-show warm-up feeding. I haven’t fed them for a couple of weeks and they have probably went elsewhere to find a handout. The food today is just to entice them, so they will get whiff of the birdseed, sunflower seed, Indian corn, and suet in the air. Of course they can come and eat all their little tummies can hold… but it is not their Christmas Dinner. I will feed them again, either Christmas afternoon or Christmas morning.

Now, I just want to let them know there is food here and for them to keep coming back for more. I want them to make a big show Christmas day. We will have five or six people over. I want the little critters put on a good show. I put two feeders on the windows in the den and one of those is something I have tried in over a year, safflower. Squirrels, as a rule, don’t like safflower, but squirrels around here are known to break rules in order to get what they want – we will see.

I also nailed to a tree a little stand with a nail sticking up. The trick is to have the nail rammed in the ear of corn – then in order for the squirrel to eat it, it will have to set on a little wooden chair…. While the squirrel is eating for survival, we can laugh at it on the inside, stuffed with food, and say, “look at that crazy squirrel, it thinks it is a human!”

Of course, two different types of suet will be available for the flesh eaters. One is suppose to attract woodpeckers and the other is suppose to attract birds who enjoy berries and worms… you can see the berries in the glaze of white suet stuff, but I don’t see the worms, maybe they are the white glaze.

Also, I cleaned out the bird bath and put fresh water in it. After the feathered ones eat they can join their friends for a quick water splashing time, then take a good shit in the water for their friends to mull over and fly away.

After our dinner and people leave they better grab what they can and fly get the heck away. I’m getting my BB gun out and chase the little freeloaders off….wanting something for nothing…. The very idea!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know the critter gets the last laugh, cause we are doing all his bidding! See, everybody wins....

2:13 AM  
Blogger ET said...

That should be what Christmas is aobut: Everybody wins.

2:43 AM  

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