Sunday, December 31, 2006

Parts Left Out of the Waiting Room Report

I was so carried away about the man demanding to know why there was a $2 extra charge to his doctor’s visit, I forgot to mention two other little observances I made a couple days ago:

1. One man was sitting in the waiting room looking around at all the framed paintings. His name was called several times before he snapped into reality. He jumped up and as he was walking to the back with the nurse he explained why he didn’t noticed when she called his name. He said he was completely absorbed in looking at the paintings, and he threw in that they were all original. He was saying in his own way, “Wow!” Which made me look at the paintings more. I think they were Thomas Kincaid. About 4 or 5 of them…. The very multi-colors cottage in the woods type…. If they were Thomas Kincaid paintings I bet they were prints, not in a waiting room of a doctor’s group.

2. As I mentioned, I was near the check-out counter. One lady checking out was talking to a doctor, or I think he was, he had the scrubs the doctors wore there, and they were talking about the Caribbean. They must have been talking about the lobster there. He said, “Well, bring me back a lobster.” She asked did he really mean it and went on to explain that you haven’t lift until you eat a certain type of lobster caught off of a certain Caribbean island, but she added, they are only good if you eat them there, they lose their special taste if they are transported. She again added, “But you haven’t live until you eat an lobster from there?”

Haven’t lived? Doesn’t that mean I am a non-living being? When I leave this life I hope the life insurance company doesn’t use that as a technicality not pay off: “Well, Mrs. Hunter, your husband must have lived in order to have died. Your husband never had lobster from the Gookamoo Island in the Caribbean, so he has not lived, so how could he die? Claim denied!”

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