Friday, September 26, 2008

William Luther & Lillie Mae Cook Foster

This is Anna’s grandfather’s oldest brother William Luther Foster (1879 – 1941) and his wife Lillie Mae Cook 1884 – 1904). He lived about 62 years and she about 20. She was hardly an adult when she died.

William Luther married secondly to Addie Dryman (1879 – 1963). Addie lived 84 years through a very busy time of history. The South was still trying to survive the Civil War that ended 14 years earlier and when she died the U.S. was tiptoeing into the Vietnam War. She saw the coming of running water, electricity, radio, television, telephones, automobiles, airplanes, …

I’m sure Addie heard many times the expression, “Lord, what will they think of next?”

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