Saturday, September 27, 2008

Never More...

Or instead of naming this Nevermore - maybe name it This Old House An't There Like It Used to Be.

It was there during the Civil War. Mary Phagan's grandfather owned the house at the time of her death. When I was growing up the Hunt family of Hunt's Ice Cream owned the house.

More recently a man who owned it tried to add a second level and it was looking sort of shaggy or maybe like the house that Jack built.

Then poof! It burned up. It all went up in smoke... all but the white stone bricks, but it was burned beyond use.

Up until then it was a pleasure to the eye - to see the big green lawn and a curved driveway leading up a slight rise to the house.... never more. Now, the driveway leads to nowhere.

I hate to see old landmarks go.

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