Monday, September 08, 2008

Charles Books Foster (1876-1928)

Here is my continuing parade of old pictures. This is Anna’s great grandfather Charles Books Foster (1856 – 1928) and the last picture has his wife Ardella Vinson (1857 – 1933) also.

Charles was born in South Carolina. He married Ardella in 1876 and they raised their family in the Roswell, Georgia, area and they both died in Marietta.

The top is picture is labeled that it was taken one year before he married, thus it was probably taken in 1875- when he was about 19 years old. His youth shows in the picture.

This picture is taken some time later. He is does not have the youthful look he had in the previous picture.

This picture of both Charles and Ardella said it was taken behind the kitchen chimney near Alpharetta, Georgia. I am speculating that that the couple moved to Marietta after this picture was taken.

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