Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bell Boys Gang Reunion Time

Next Saturday, September the 27th, is the annual Bell Boys Reunion at Horace Orr American Legion Post in Marietta. I heard it called the “Bell Boys Reunion” and “The Bell Gang Reunion” – whichever, it is pleasant state of mind kind of thing to see old Marietta High School friends.

The Bell Reunion base began with the gang that hung around Larry Bell Park, which which mostly includes the people that attended Park Street Elementary School - but it includes me also - I lived on a street that bordered the west side of the park. Then, word spread, and now it is just about anybody who would care to come that went to Marietta High School in the loosely time bracket of 1950 through 1970.

I have found that some of the people at the Bell Reunion have aged more than I expected and others I am just as amazed that they have hardly aged at all.

A waitress from Horace Orr will be on hand with a tub of beer cans and Cokes in ice to sell to whomever wants a drink and there will be bbq which is cooked on an open pit by the picnic tables.

And there is also a place for you to generously toss in some green bills - all this cost money, you know.

It is a place to break bread with your high school nemesis, you know, the guy who bullied you in your early high school years – chances are he will be there and forgot all about you, or that was the case with my bully anyway.

Also, it is something of a hotrod show. People bring their antique cars they have been working on.

It is a great meeting that reminds you that you were once young.

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