Thursday, September 25, 2008

4-Lane Start in 1956 Kiwanis Club

4-Lane Start in 1956 Kiwanis Club

The name of this picture is 4-Lane Start in 1956 Kiwanis Club. I wonder if I had a unnoticed type there and should be 4-Lane Starts in 1956? I suppose that is the Kiwanis gang breaking ground.

This is at the south west corner of the 4-Lane and Roswell Street/Road. The west side is Roswell Street and east side is Roswell Road. In the background you can see a car lot or a parking lot. In several more years that lot would be the parking lot for Mrs Georgia Dairy Products, Johnny Reb’s Chicken, and in due time The Big Chicken. I remember the first thing there was a Zesto Ice Cream. I really liked Zesto Ice Cream. Then, on the corner of Roswell Street and Park Street a Dairy Queen opened up and thought they were just a bunch of copy cats and their product would never make a go of it like Zesto.

I thought the 3-Lane, aka Cobb Parkway, aka The 41 Highway, came into being about 1952, not started breaking ground in 1955. I remember riding to Alatoona Lake before 1955 and part of the way was 4-lane and part of it was being graded.

I remember being taken up that road long before 1955 as a young kid. I had a job for one day which was Labor Day manning an ice cream cart at Red Top Mountain on a little peninsular by the bridge. On Labor Day a tradition was starting of having sail boat races. One of our ex-neighbors hired me.

I sold some ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, and honkys – but I don’t think anybody got rich. It was a lonely concession outpost. However, I did have fun throwing “hot ice” into the lake and watching it bubble and bubble.

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