Monday, September 22, 2008

First Day of Autumn

The above picture is a picture I taken of our house a year or so ago.

Today is the first day of Autumn. For the past several day I have felt a coolness in the air that I only feel in the mountains and in well Autumn. Some say it is that high school football weather feeling.

This nice breezy cool weather also reminds me of when a golf driving range opened on the 4-Lane (aka The 41 or Cobb Parkway, South), almost across from Dobbins Air Force Base.

It has been long gone but for several years it was the place to be with even a steak house on the premises. I think it opened in 1960 or maybe 1961,

A bunch of us went the first day they opened. I remember there were cement stairs going up to an overlook. At the bottom of the stairs was a gate that they had not opened yet and a big pile of people were waiting, us included.

I was standing behind a shapely young lady and her husband or boyfriend. He looked like he was probably an officer at Dobbins AFB across the street – you could spot Air Force pilots a mile away.

A few friends were beside and me and behind me. One friend, Jesse L. was behind me. We were all just taking making small talk when I saw Jesse’s arm and hand slowly ease beside me and to the young lady’s ass and grabbed it. I knew it was his hand because I recognized the jacket sleeve. The lady turned around and glared at me. I turned around and shot Jesse a mean look. This was not the first time he has did that in a crowded situation. He looked dumbstruck, like he didn’t know what I was getting at.

Again, a minute or two later the arm came easing around me and towards the lady’s ass with the hand shaped like a huge pincher. I hit his hand and looked at him. He had that mischievous grin and while I was looking at his expression the hand again shot past me and pinched her ass.

She stepped forward some and whispered in her man’s ear. He glanced back and then they forced their way through the crowd to be out of reach. They didn’t want any trouble. That made at least three of us.

Jesse’s slight of hand must still be paying off. The last I heard he was a blackjack dealer in Mississippi.

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