Sunday, September 14, 2008

My New Toy

As I have mentioned here, most of last week I was hosting a carpenter putting a new face on our kitchen. His name was Jason. Jason was a subcontractor of a contracting company for a larger company. Everybody got to use the top company’s logo. I am sure the big company got most of the money and the contracting company got a nice chunk of the money and who probably got the least? Jason, the one who did all the work probably got the least, of course.

Jason is a young man, probably under 30 years of age. He is a truly professional craftsman who takes his job very seriously. He is also a perfectionist. I noticed a couple of times he was working on a tiny little minute detail that we would never notice – but he wanted it right.

His work ethnic reminded me of my sons’ work ethic: give it all plus more. You will sleep better. He also likes gadgets like my sons…. Well, me too.

If the contractor paid him $100 a day for 8 hours for three days (I just grabbed that monetary figure out of the air) he gave us $150 worth of detailed work for 10 hours a day three days.

He also likes gadgets like my sons…. Well, me too.

It was interesting to see what kind of gadget he was going to pull out of wide range of tools next. He reminded me of Professor Gadget or maybe even James Bond, the way he quickly pulled out a gadget like a tiny little saw to fit only in a tiny little space, or suddenly in the carport have a full size work table that seemed to have expanded from a tiny little suitcase. He even had a big box of crayons I think to color code things.

Once while doing some power screwing with his power screwdriver, of course, he whipped out a little head band with a light on it. He put it on his forehead like a coalminer and it gave him perfect light for in the shadows when he was trying to screw the screw in right.

I wanted one!

Many times I needed a third hand to hold a flashlight. I asked Jason where did he get the headband light at and he said some place that I didn’t recognize but told me they also had them at Wal-Mart for only $9 or so. We went to Walmart that night and we got one for $12.00. I have been using it all day today staining.

I think it would be ideally to run or ride your bike at night. Put one on your forehead facing forward, and put another one your head backing behind you and have that one shine the red light.

Then, maybe you can buy another gizmo that beeps when you change directions when running or biking.

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