Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sedate and Dumping Salt & Pepper

This is a little outside section of the First Baptist Church of Marietta, just about two blocks from the center of town. It looks very peaceful to me.

It looks peaceful. That is about all I know about it. I have probably been in this church less than most churches in Marietta. I do recall at least one funeral and one wedding.

It is just one of my random photos of Marietta that serves no purposeā€¦ no memory here, move on.

Wait! While we are downtown I just thought of something else. On Law and Order tonight the detectives were sitting at a booth in a restaurant and one was using salt & pepper shakers and a sugar container to make a visual point. He took off the top of the sugar and poured some on the table... by then I had forgot what point he was trying to make because the shifting around of the shakers and container reminded me that every time we went into a drugstore downtown Marietta at sat at a booth we wounded up playing with the containers - and my friends, like Jimmy Pat Presley, Larry Garrett (both dead), and Larry B., 99.9% of the time unscrewed the tops so that when somebody later with the intent of sprinkling salt or pepper on their food ended up dumping the entire contents on their food.

After a while soda jerks were on to us and once we started playing with the containers they would quickly appear and gently take them from us or angrily jerk them away from us and put them on another table.

We were not offended. We understood they were just doing their job.

Those were the days.

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Blogger Si's blog said...

Heavens, ET. You did stuff like that? Did you ever switch the salt and sugar in the containers? And it is more fun to do that to the pepper.

Let me tell you what we did to the outhouses. And the dog do on the porch. And Mrs. Featherstone's (the sneaker lady) myrtle. And the time.....

6:32 AM  
Blogger ET said...

That was a way of life for about four years. Go ahead.

6:43 AM  

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