Thursday, September 18, 2008

Edgar, Sophie, & Charles Loy Foster

This is Edgar Bell Foster (1884 – 1932), his wife Sophie Lackie Foster (1886 – 1965), and their infant son Charles Loy Foster (1909 - 1964). I think the picture was probably taken the same day as the family group picture with all of Edgar’s brothers, sister, and parents, which would make it about 1909-1910. They are wearing the same clothes, and the photographer was there already, so why not?

Back then the way infants and toddlers were dressed it is hard to tell if they were male or female, and that is the case here.

Here is a picture of Charles Loy, a few years later with a goat and a cart. There is a note on the picture saying it was taken near Crabapple, Georgia. His gender is no longer a question.

I didn’t realize it until now that Sophie outlived her son Charles Loy about a year.*

Charles Loy Foster married Lucille Hanson and they had two sons.

Sophie died on July 25, 1965, which one day before her and Edgar’s anniversary and also one day before her son’s would-be 55th birthday, had he lived. She lived 78 years. Edgar lived only 47 years.

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