Friday, September 12, 2008

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Belonging to Block Buster Video by mail club we have learned to get our money's worth we get some movies we would probably not have seen otherwise. Some are good and some are bad:

DEDICATION with Tom Wilkinson., Billy Crudup, Mandy Moore DEDICATION is about an eccentric children’s book author and his new female illustrator. Of course, their rapport is on again, off again… which means one thing WHOOPIE and LOVE. The whole story is too predictable. After the old time friend/illustrator died and he replaced him with a female illustrator it went on formulated auto-pilot.

THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL with Mary Scalett Johnasson and Natalie Portman.
This is a good movie for the education you learn about the British Empire. King Henry wanted a son… his wife, the Queen was unable to give him one, so he had affairs, hoping he would knock up a damsel and have himself a boy. Sir Boleyn knew there would be economic advantages plus prestige if he put his daughters on the king’s plate, so to speak. He had one and somehow they had problems so, the other sister was presented to the king. But the second sister, very flirty and what we would call a prick-teaser in high school, said Nope! You can not have me unless you divorce your present wife and marry me. That is a complicated order for a king who was Catholic. He changed the official religion from Catholicism to the Church of England, which he created and joined.. Now, he could divorce and send the grouchy queen with a Spanish accent into exile and marry she prick teaser Boleyn. She could not produce a male heir which in the long run lost her head…. But according to the movie she bent down with dignity. Good movie.

THE MIST – Stephen King
It was a Stephen King horror movie. It was too bloody for my taste but he groping suspense was rather good – but the movie never explained anything or solved the problem. Some scenes reminded me of Alfred Hitchock’s THE BIRDS and also Stephen Spielberg’s THE WAR OF THE WORLDS.

NIM’S ISLAND with Abigail Breslin and Jodie Foster
We first noticed Abigial Breslin in LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE – she is an excellent young actress. And of course Jodie Foster is an excellent older actor.
The movie kind of reminded me of SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON or maybe ROBINSON CRUSOE. It is children’s movie. It was light hearted and enjoyable to watch. However, I thought Jodie Foster was out of her element. Unfortunately she has been type-cast to play a much more serious type of character…usually, deadly serious. And in this she is a fluttering scatterbrain writer jumping out of her skin in girly fashion at all slimy creatures and such.

RAILS & TIES with Kevin Bacon & Marcia Gay Harden
Another good movie. It was very sad. It is about a railroad engineer who kills a mother in her car on the tracks committing suicide. It was unavoidable. And the mother’s son looks up Kelvin and pounds him in the chest, angry at him for killing his mother, until Kevin explained it all, where, you could turn over the train, slamming on the brakes going at that speed around a bend and some hundred or so passengers could have been kill. And to complicate matters his wife, Marcia Gay harden, is dying of cancer. It is a story of everybody’s relationship. It was a sincere movie.



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