Friday, September 12, 2008

Will Elder, Al Capp, and the Green-Eye Monster

Speaking of Will Elder – we were speaking of Will Elder weren’t we? Harry Lee Green in his Hairy Green Eyeball blog has brought out an great Will Elder classic of an Al Capp type revisits his Dogpatch – where he got his inspiration, to get another refill – and maybe a roll in the hay with one of those Dogpatch cuties.

It was originally printed in HELP magazine. It is a great job of Elder mad chicken-fat mind and another interesting tidbit is that the story was not written by Harvey Kurtzman as most of Elder’s were. It was written by Ed Fisher, who was a regular cartoon contributor to HELP.

Harry gives an excellent introduction to the Elder stuff. I also noticed the previous post is about the MAD competitor GET LOST! which will be interesting too I bet (I been busy lately, being step & fetchit for the carpenter).

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