Thursday, September 04, 2008

Paul E. Foster (1895 - 1936)

I am going to put my old pictures of relatives once again on this blog. I have gained a few old family pictures and also gained some knowledge on some more. So, hopefully they will be of a different prospective, whatever that is.

Before I tried to skip around to keep the family balances even. It didn’t take long until I became very confused on what I skipped over and what should be next.

This time I am going to try to do a whole family at least , or at least the ones who have died, And possibly I will show them in different stages of their life as they matured.

This first picture to start off with is Anna’s grandfather Paul Everett Foster (1895 – 1936). He only lived about 40 years.

Paul was a Singer Sewing Machine salesman and repairman. He was born in the Alpharetta-Roswell, Georgia, and died in Marietta. He only lived 40 years.

Paul is on the right.

Paul Everette Foster and Irene Jones Foster 1919, the year they were married. They had eight children; four died the day they were born.

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