Sunday, September 14, 2008

Good Old Motherly Post Office

The Postal Service operates the stations and branches I know short handed. It they have the need for 100 people some how they will have 90 people. They are always behind in getting out all the mail.

They are always shorthanded and just about treat a person who calls in sick as a criminal. – they are letting their co-workers down.

I got a call tonight from another retired Postal friend who heard that another friend we know, who is a carrier, just found out he has prostate cancer. He told his supervisor that it was very painful and he would have to stay out sick some. The supervisor talked him out of it, and the other day when he came back from his route his supervisor sent him out to cover another route.

That reminds me of the time I was a window clerk. After I was shut down one evening and handed in my money the station manager came by and said, “Oh Eddie, I meant to tell you earlier, your wife called wanted you to come home, her grandmother died.”

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“Well, there was nothing you could do – and you know the line has been backed out the door all day.”

“Dave, has anybody ever told you are greedy and self-centered?”

It also reminds me of a female carrier who was out on her route and her son was ran over. Her husband worked in another town and couldn’t get to the hospital before their boy died. Neither did the lady carrier – she didn’t know anything about it. They were afraid to get the message to her because there were no one available to relieve her.

It is no wonder that some rank and file line postal employees go postal from time to time.

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