Tuesday, May 29, 2007


We rented and watched the DVD THE MAN OF THE YEAR with Robbin Williams yesterday.

I thought it was a good movie with some very good civic lessons in a slapstick Robbin Williams' style way. What came out of Robbin's mouth was that you cannot trust the Democrats or the Republicans - they had to accept millions of dollars to get there, so naturally they had to pay favors, regardless of which party they belonged to. And after they wined and dined with the lobbyists there just weren't any thing left for the common man.

Also, said more than once, that when the public starts looking at you and your questionable ethics too closely it is the time to create a diversion. It can be a scare tactic or a plea to their patriotism and heart, like taking up the time to debate whether the flag should get special treatment... it takes up time to talk about this issue which could be put to a better use discussing ways to whip poverty or end the war.

Does that sound like anyone we know?



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