Monday, May 28, 2007

I Am Not Mechanical Minded

I have never been considered mechanical minded.

The other morning we had a free breakfast at the motel we were staying at. Since it was free, you do everything yourself.

If you want a waffle it is up to you to make it. I wanted a waffle. Opps!

The waffle batter is already measured out in a little cup and the waffle iron is opened and ready. I poured the batter over the iron cleats and did as per instructed and also from watching other people, turn the machine over one time. Then an electronic timer started timing. When it was done it beeped so I opened to waffle iron and pried my waffle out, which part of it stuck sort of tearing up my waffle.

To maintain my image I acted casual and continued putting the pieces on my paper plate, to show that is what I planned. Image.

Then, I think I clamped the iron together and it started beeping again. I opened it up to correct myself and started walking away. I must have left it lopsided because it lost its balance and leaned quickly then fell into something and things begin to fall.

As clumsy with tools as I am, by reflex by quickly grabbed the stand and steadied it. Then out of no where the Indian (Far Eastern) manager showed up and politely said, “That’s ok, I got it.”

Which translated to “Hands off you clumsy idiot! Go eat that damn mess you created and stay out of the way!”

And we are back home.

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