Friday, May 18, 2007

The Loose Congregation of Hogback Mountain

No, this has no relation to Brokeback Mountain.

While still on the subject of Cartersville, Cass County, aka Bartow County, Georgia: Before there was a Bartow County there was a Cass County and before Cass County there was an Indian center with a population of about 5000 Indians near the Etowah River with seven big Indian Mounds. Indians came from miles around to trade and for spiritual reasons.

On top of the highest mound, once a year, during the morning sunrise a solstice takes place. As the sun rises it shoots a certain mystic looking sunbeam by the Allatoon Mountains and lights up Hogback Mountain. You have the feeling of having a religious experience.

The one time a year this event takes place a bunch of people gather at sunrise on the largest mound and welcomes in the beam…. I don’t know, but somehow I equate with the beam that lit up the model city in the movie Indian Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Art.

The people that gather are the type of people that might be mistaken by hippies by their attire. They are a loosely organized religious bunch. They believe in Mother Earth, brotherhood, sisterhood, no bombs, no bullets, peace, and no Coca-Cola.

Have you ever heard of such nonsense?

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