Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Alfred Charles Hunter

This is Alfred Charles Hunter (1891-1973). He was the son of Charles Jefferson Hunter, who was the son of William A. Hunter, my g-grandfather.

Alfred went to Southern Medical College which was later named Emory. He became a dentist. He moved to Kerrville, Texas and married Mamie Akridge.

Alfred was born in Cherokee County, Georgia, and died in Texas. It is believed that once he moved to Texas to set up his dental practice he never returned to Georgia. Was it because his father remarried after Charles’ mother died? Who knows.

Charles had one son Akridge Charles Hunter who also became a dentist. Akridge and I swapped information and I talked him and his wife coming to Georgia one time to see his cousins at a Hunter reunion. I think they came a couple more times, but I am not positive. Maybe after visiting their cousins in this area, they decided we weren't all that much to look at.

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